The use of heat and corrosion resistant products is necessary in many industries, Including Heat Treat, Aerospace, Steel Mill and Cement and Lime. Steeltech offers all the products and materials you need to ensure your furnace equipment, and other components hold up for many years of use. They carry everything you need to make your business more efficient and provide your customers with the service they desire.
Piranha® Hose Products, Inc. has set the standard in the sewer hose industry for quality and reliability. Piranha was instrumental and a true pioneer in the development of reinforced high pressure hoses for sewer cleaning in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Hoses are also made for jetting/lateral line use, for jetting equipment used in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Special High Temp jetting line hoses are also available. Additional product developments have been made in the paint spray and hydraulic hose markets as well.
Established in May 2014, Syntron Material Handling was built out of the legacies of Link-Belt Company and Syntron Company, formerly owned by FMC Technologies. Today, our 300 skilled employees have a combined 4,212 years of industry knowledge that they put into the SMH product every day. We are dedicated to providing customers with complete material handling solutions.
Super Swivels® was established in 1986 and is a leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic live swivels.
They manufacture superior quality, heavy-duty, leak free, live swivels at a competitive price while maintaining a large inventory, which allow them to provide exceptional service. Their heat treating process allow them to offer higher working pressure ratings. Super Swivels are available in several different materials, plating options and a wide variety of seal options.
Fortress Interlocks helps customers protect their personnel and capital assets. The company has over 40 years of experience in the safety market, designing and manufacturing safety access and control systems based at its headquarters in Wolverhampton, UK. These systems create safe workplaces where employees in industrial environments are safeguarded from injury and equipment is protected from damage.
FMC Technologies Pumps have provided exceptional performance and value since their introduction in 1884. Backed by over a century of experience on thousands of projects worldwide, FMC Technologies produces a complete range of piston and plunger pumps for many varied markets, including the general industrial market.

As the pioneer and world leader in piston and plunger pump technology, FMC Technologies delivers pumps in sizes, designs, and materials to meet all customer and industry requirements. FMC Technologies Pumps are setting new standards for low cost of ownership, long service life, and ease of maintenance.

Duff-Norton manufactures Mechanical Actuators (Screw Jacks), Electromechanical Linear Actuators, Electric Cylinders, Rollerscrews, Rotating Joints, and Mechanical and Air Jacks. Since 1883, Duff-Norton has earned a reputation for reliable, high quality products meeting the industrial lifting, positioning, and transfer needs of our worldwide customers and has been ISO 9001 registered since 1994.

Bando is a leader in the production and distribution of world class power transmission belts to both industrial and automotive OEMs as well as an international network of industrial distributors and automotive aftermarket suppliers.

Tabor Machine Company is a leading designer and custom manufacturer of vibrating screen systems. Tabor’s screen systems are used to remove water or size the material (i.e. separate large and coarse materials from those of desired size and consistency,) and vary in size with widths of up to 10 feet and lengths of up to 24 feet.

A vibrating screen system employs a self-contained drive mechanism that uses one, two or three moving screens of various textures, materials and grades to sort, size and dewater coal, aggregates (sand, gravel and crushed rock) and other minerals. Let Tabor design a vibrating screen system for you.

Daubert Cromwell pioneered corrosion inhibitor packaging in the 1940’s, providing industry with an effective alternative to conventional corrosion preventatives such as cosmoline, grease, oil preservatives, desiccants and waxed or barrier papers. Today, quality manufacturers worldwide trust Daubert Cromwell to protect their products from corrosion. Daubert Cromwell is “The leading name in corrosion prevention”.

STEINEL was founded by Heinrich Wolfgang Steinel in 1959 as a component supplier to electrical equipment manufacturers in Germany. Since then, the highest standards in design and technology have made the STEINEL name synonymous with quality and innovation in over 80 countries worldwide. STEINEL products were introduced to North America in 1983 by STEINEL America, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary whose mission is to provide the same high quality service Steinel guarantees worldwide. Who uses STEINEL products?

  • American Airlines
  • Bosch
  • NATO
  • Siemens
  • Bell Canada
  • General Motors
  • Northwest Airlines
  • The White House
  • BMW
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Raytheon
  • Tyco
  • Boeing
  • NASA
  • Rolls-Royce
  • US Armed Services

Paul Vahle patented the original copperhead conductor rail in Germany in 1912. This invention formed the cornerstone of the VAHLE company and pioneered a new industry. Since then, VAHLE Electrification Systems has embraced innovation for more than 85 years. Numerous technological advances have led to many patented products. VAHLE is a global industry leader offering the largest range of electrification systems and solutions.

VAHLE products have been custom designed to work with a wide range of mobile electrification and data transmission applications. Principal users of our systems are steel mills, crane and hoist manufacturers, automotive assembly plants, warehousing and distribution centers, ports, shipyards, foundries, coking plants, power stations, paper mills, cement and concrete industry, people movers, rapid transit systems, amusement rides and automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/AR).

Industrial Marking Products is dedicated to providing economical pricing with unmatched customer service to the metal marking industry. We carry a wide variety of stamps, retainers, data plates, and marking machines. We can usually quote you same day on custom engraved and industry standard stamps. If a rush delivery is required, we will do whatever possible to meet your special needs. Just email or fax us your print with size, material and quantity required.

Weiler began as a manufacturer of precision miniature brushes in the dental, jewelry and die industries in Pforzheim, Germany in 1898. Since then, we have constantly developed and expanded our product lines to meet the needs of the industry. Today, Weiler provides a complete line of power brushes, abrasives and maintenance products worldwide.

Tarifold is the inventor and world market leader of the steel wire-frame display pocket organizer. Tarifold paperwork organizers provide instant, easy access to frequently referenced information to save you time and effort.